The HeathSUN Project is a specific community project sponsored by the Heath Foundation for the purpose of providing as much solar generated electricity to as many customers in Santa Fe as is practically feasible within the next several years.

HeathSUN will develop its plan to install and maintain photovoltaic rooftop systems throughout the city and county at no initial cost to either the rooftop owners or the City or County of Santa Fe.

All funding for initial project development will be provided by the Heath Foundation and its donors. All funding for systems equipment, installation and metering will be provided by the project financing investor.

The City and County of Santa Fe, as well as Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM), will be fairly compensated for their respective participation in the HeathSUN Project.

All customers who choose to participate will pay only for the electricity which they consume at a cost which is less than the cost to purchase the equivalent amount of electricity from PNM.  PNM will provide all back-up electricity, at its rate, which is required when the solar resource is intermittently not available.  All monthly metering and billing will be administered by the existing billing authority.

It is important to note that no PNM customer, either within Santa Fe County or outside of Santa Fe County, will be economically disadvantaged because they either choose not to participate, or are not able to participate, in the HeathSUN Project.