HeathSUN is a solar project sponsored by The Heath Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Santa Fe, supporting local projects to improve the quality of life in our community. HeathSUN is offering each Santa Fe City and County citizen, as a prospective HeathSUN customer, the opportunity to receive a complete photovoltaic solar system installed on their rooftop at no initial cost, with a lifetime warranty and a free maintenance contract as well as a complete indemnification against any damage to the roof.

As a HeathSUN customer, you will continue to have access to PNM electricity. When the HeathSUN solar system is generating electricity, you can use the solar-generated electricity and then switch to PNM-supplied electricity as needed. In exchange, HeathSUN is requesting that you, the HeathSUN customer, acknowledge that HeathSUN retains the ownership rights to the system upon sale or transfer of title to the property and the right to bill you, the HeathSUN customer or a designee such as a renter, for the solar electricity you use at a kilowatt-hour (kWh) price which is 20% lower than the PNM kWh price on your monthly bill.


  • HeathSUN, or its assignee, will own the solar photovoltaic system and all associated metering and control equipment; however, HeathSUN and/or its assignee, will have no lien on the building property itself.
  • The owner of the property, as a HeathSUN customer, will be given an indemnity against any damage to the property that results from the installation or use of the system.
  • The HeathSUN customer agrees to pay for all the solar electricity they use that is generated by the HeathSUN system on a monthly basis from HeathSUN at a price per kWh which is 20% less than the prevailing price on the customer’s PNM bill.
  • When the HeathSUN system is not supplying electricity, the HeathSUN customer or a designee will rely on and purchase electricity from PNM in exactly the same manner as before the HeathSUN system was installed.
  • The HeathSUN customer further understands that the property will receive separate bills from HeathSUN for the HeathSUN-generated solar electricity they used and from PNM for all electricity provided through the grid.
  • At all times, as a result of the discounted solar electricity, the owner will receive a lower price for the HeathSUN solar electricity they use than is currently being paid for 100% electricity from PNM.
  • The system will be metered by a separate meter at the property, and all billing will be administered by HeathSUN. The HeathSUN customer’s solar electricity usage and price calculation will be documented on the HeathSUN monthly bill.
  • All periodic maintenance of the system will be the responsibility of and managed by HeathSUN. The HeathSUN customer will provide access to the property and electrical equipment as needed to support maintenance, operations and repair.
  • The customer will understand that the billed revenue to HeathSUN, less payments to HeathSUN and its partners for maintenance and management expenses, will be transferred to a third party investor which is providing all initial project funding for the system.

Any legal obligation by the HeathSUN customer or HeathSUN will commence upon the execution of the HeathSUN contract. A prospective HeathSUN customer will participate in a free Solar Feasibility Assessment completed at their site by a HeathSUN representative. Based on the assessment, the prospective HeathSUN customer will be provided a HeathSUN contract to review and sign. Once the contract is signed, installation of the HeathSUN system will be scheduled, including securing permits for installation and operation. The potential HeathSUN customer has no legal obligation to proceed with an installation unless the HeathSUN contract is signed indicating that the signee is completely satisfied with the terms and conditions of the HeathSUN contract.

By signing this Subscriber Interest Form, the signee is indicating their interest is being a HeathSUN customer. This Subscriber Interest Form will be used to provide HeathSUN with an indication of the actual market potential for this type of arrangement within Santa Fe City and County.