Learn more about the leadership of HeathSUN.

Jim Heath, Founder/Director

Jim has lived in Santa Fe for over 20 years. He came here from Mill Valley, California with his now deceased wife, Linda, in 1993. Linda passed away in 2003, and Jim set up the Heath Foundation that same year to honor her memory by continuing to support their local community as they had done together in California. Over the past 10 years the Heath Foundation has provided support for a variety of activities in Santa Fe that Jim felt they would have mutually supported. These activities included art and music projects, educational projects and support for the less fortunate of us.
Jim found new love and married Rachel Darnell-Heath in 2005, a local artist who had moved to Santa Fe from Memphis, Tennessee in 1997. They shared a mutual respect for the work of the Foundation, and Rachel became member of the Board of Directors and an active participant in its affairs.
After the Heath Foundation began supporting the free concert and movie series at the rail yard in 2007, and at the same time Jamie Lenfesty decided to change his longtime existing Fanman Productions into a non-profit entity, they joined together as Heath Concerts. The mission of Heath Concerts is to promote local musical entertainment in such a way as to benefit the entire Santa Fe community, with any excess concert funds to be put back into the community as well.
An example of the type of project Heath Foundation is supporting is the HeathSUN Project, an idea which began to take shape in 2013 based upon Jim’s long experience in developing large scale renewable energy projects and his growing awareness that the Santa Fe community had been developing ideas, strategies and plans to implement solar installations throughout the county area. He saw an opportunity to apply some of his experience and skill toward assisting in the leadership of this effort.

Born in Ames, Iowa in 1940.
Spent early childhood in the area north of Dallas, Texas, close to Grapevine.
Graduated from University of Colorado, Boulder, B.A., with Distinction and Phi Beta Kappa, in 1962.
Became an internationally ranked 400 meter runner from 1961 to 1965.
Served as an infantry officer in the U.S. Marine Corps; released in 1965 at the rank of Captain for protesting the Vietnam War.
Married Roberta Bailly in 1964 and had 3 wonderful, loving children together: son Craig, 45; and daughters Jeanne, 42 and Kristy, 40.
Graduated from University of California, Berkeley, with M.B.A. in 1967.
Assistant to the President and corporate planner for Transamerica Corporation, San Francisco, from 1968 to 1972.
Co-founded Marin Primary and Middle School for Jeanne and Kristy in 1976.
Founded ITEL Air Corporation, San Francisco, in 1976 to buy and lease large scale commercial aircraft to major airlines worldwide.
Marriage to Roberta ended in 1982.
Became an original team member and senior executive of U.S. Windpower Corporation, San Francisco, from 1980 to 1986. Manufactured wind turbines and installed and operated the first wind farms in California in the Altamont Pass area outside of San Francisco.
Married Linda McKenzie in 1986 and lived in Mill Valley, California.
Co-founded Energy Investors Funds, Boston, a developer and owner of large scale renewable power plants from 1986 to 1996.
Relocated from Mill Valley, California to Santa Fe during the period from 1993 to 2000.
Co-founded Entegrity Partners, an environmental technology venture fund in the Bay Area, from 1996 to 2002.
Owned and managed Entegrity Wind Systems, Inc., Boulder, Colorado, a manufacturer and developer of small commercial distributed wind systems, from 2002 to 2009. Installed the first wind hybrid systems worldwide. Installed small commercial distributed wind systems, primarily in the Southern Great Plains area of the U.S.
Linda McKenzie Heath died in Santa Fe in 2003.
Founded Heath Foundation in 2003.
Married Rachel Darnell in 2005, and Rachel started Darnell Fine Art on Canyon Road in 2006.
Entergrity Wind Systems collapsed in 2009, and the business has been in a re-organization process since 2010 as The Entegrity Wind Corporation.
Co-founded Heath Concerts in 2011, began HeathSUN Project in 2013.


Diane Bardal

Diane is the Executive Director of The HeathSUN Project. She lives in Santa Fe, and has spent the past several years in the renewable energy industry, working with a number of projects and start-up companies in the sector. Diane has deep experience in development, financing and operational management, including significant technical knowledge applicable to distributed rooftop solar installation, control, operation and maintenance, coupled with data collection for reporting and operational optimization..

Diane grew up in California and Oregon, attending  college in Colorado. She received science degrees in forest biometry and computer science from Colorado State, Ft.Collins. She served in a number of technical marketing and sales positions with IBM and Fijitsu before beginning her work in the renewal energy industry about 10 years ago.

The connection with Jim Heath resulted from a joint appreciation for the distributed roof top solar model as the evolving trend in the scale-up of the technology, particularly in a resource rich region like Santa Fe. Diane was also attracted to the non-profit element of HeathSUN, particularly as it applies to the more affordable housing and small commercial sectors of Santa Fe County.


Gunnar Plake

Gunnar, a resident of Santa Fe, is a long-time business partner of Jim Heath, who has co -invested with Jim in the renewable energy industry over the years. Gunnar has gained much experience and insight into the industry, and has been able to apply his real estate development and financing experience toward the renewable energy with an objective perspective.  In addition, Gunnar has been a board member of the Heath Foundation for the past 10 years, and has devoted much time and financial assistance to the foundation, as well as the HeathSUN project specifically.

After graduating from the University of California, Berkeley, Gunnar received an MBA from American University in Washington D.C., and then went on to spend his entire business career in the east, including New York City and Washington D.C. He held a variety of senior financial management positions in the real estate industry, and became a developer and owner of a number of major real estate projects which he continues to manage today. Gunnar moved to Santa Fe 12 years ago where he has evolved an established fine art landscape photography career as well as his real estate activities.